Enjoy an Exclusive LGBT night out at The Top Club

Celebrate:MK nightlife columnist Vicki McCarthy meets Sean Porter to find out more about his popular monthly LGBT promotion in Wolverton.

“It’s Exclusive, but inclusive!” laughs Sean Porter, as he waxes lyrical about the name of the LGBT promotion that he has helped launch, run, market and make a success in MK.

Launched in January 2015, Exclusive LGBT was the brainchild of Jamie Bond, Georgina Ballard, John Ballard and Sean, an idea that was conceived to offer MK’s LGBT community an alternative night out once a month.

Establishing a brand new event is of course no mean feat, making it a triumph is undeniably more of a challenge, but the founders of Exclusive had an agenda, Sean explains, “We wanted to create a safe and secure place for people to come along and just be who they want to be. A fun night out, with entertainment, dancing and laughter.”

Along with many others, Sean has been undoubtedly committed to supporting the local LGBT community in recent times.

A contributor to MK’s Diversity March Committee, Sean was also a key-player in putting together the colourful LGBT float that has been part of the Wolverton and Greenleys carnival for the last two years. But Exclusive has been the icing on the cake.

The first Exclusive promotion took place at The Galleon in Old Wolverton, where Georgina and John were landlords at the time.

To drum up interest in the early days, theme nights were created, with past themes including Rocky Horrror, Club Tropicana, UV Party, Disco Inferno and even a Pyjama Party! “It was great to launch Exclusive with an element of fun,” muses Sean.

“Now that we are established, we don’t feel the need to have a theme night every month, we might host them again in the future, but for now, it’s all about people turning up and having a great night out with friendly regulars and newcomers alike.”


Which brings us to today. Due to The Galleon changing ownership, Exclusive has found a new home on the first Saturday of each month, at The Top Club in Wolverton.

Furthermore, Sean is excited about a new collaboration with Unit Nine Venue in Old Wolverton.

Earlier this year, Sean noted that not only did MK turn 50 this year, but July is the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality; a milestone that he felt certainly needed celebrating.

So July 1st an event called Unity is taking place at Unit Nine, not only marking this anniversary, but encouraging diversity and unity.

Sean worked closely with Unit Nine’s promoter Jamie Stimpson and managed to secure entertainment for the night in form of infamous drag act Baga Chipz MBE, DJ Minnie Diamond CBE, Live music from local musicians and TV stars The Shures, plus a DJ set from Exclusive’s Jamie Bond.

So will Sean and Jamie look to work together again in the future?

“Who knows what the future holds?” Sean ponders. “It has been amazing to work with Jamie and to reach a new crowd, Jamie is a respected and talented promoter and this collaboration could only ever be a good thing. I certainly would be happy to look at other events together.”

So what else is round the corner for Exclusive?

“We want to keep on providing a great night out,” Sean smiles. “As long as people still enjoy come along to our club night, we will keep on running it.”


Find out more about Exclusive LGBT at http://www.facebook.com/exclusivelgbt and on Twitter @lgbtexclusive


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