Learn Spanish from the native speakers at MKSpanish

You may know that Spanish is the first language for over 300 million people around the world and that learning a foreign language boosts your career prospects.

But what you might not know is that there is a top Spanish language training provider right here on our doorsteps in Milton Keynes.

MKSpanish offers e-learning solutions, learn & travel programmes, evening adult classes, individual school support tuition and is a certified SIELE exams centre – all the Spanish solutions you need in one place.

The dynamic team consists of qualified tutors who are native speakers from Spain and Latin America.

They are passionate about teaching and working together with a simple goal in mind – to teach Milton Keynes to speak and love Spanish!

Lina Valencia-López, General Manager at MKSpanish said: “We love what we do and are working very hard to be the best choice for Spanish language training in Milton Keynes and in the UK.

“Thanks to our excellent e-learning solutions and fantastic tutors we are able to deliver online and face-to-face courses across various cities in the country.”

Lina and her MK colleagues Josefa Sánchez and Alix Pérez are looking forward to meeting you at one of their courses. Hasta la vista!


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