New Arts1 choir Perfect 6th aiming to make it big in the UK

Arts1 theatre school in Milton Keynes has launched a new choir which it hopes will hit the high notes in the UK music industry.

Perfect 6th is made up of 24 talented singers aged between 16 and 20 years old, all of whom are studying on the full time Musical Theatre training programme at Arts1, based in Linford Wood.

The choir is led by acclaimed vocal coach and Arts1 Creative Director James Grimsey, who has worked on TV shows such as The X Factor and The Voice Kids.

Perfect 6th will get an early chance to stake their claim for stardom when they take part in a high-profile singing competition this month.

The competition will offer an opportunity for the choir to pit their exciting vocal arrangements and hard-hitting choreography against some of the best in the UK.

And James, who is regarded as one of the top vocal coaches in the country, fancies their chances.

He said: “Perfect 6th are a choir of significant talent. Their young vibe and incredible energy will blow you away.

“Every choir member has trained in technical voice, choral singing, and dance styles at Arts1 and they put these elements together in impressive contemporary performances.”

Alongside their performances with Perfect 6th, students at Arts1 are also busy preparing for a large scale performance of the new Dolly Parton Musical ‘9 to 5’, which is due to be performed at Stantonbury Campus Theatre on Saturday June 17.

Principal of Arts1, Rebecca Carrington, said: “Our full time students have had an incredibly busy few weeks.

“They are rehearsing for their end of year production of 9 to 5 literally from 9am to 5pm, squeezing in rehearsals for Perfect 6th in the evenings and attending performance events at weekends.

“Most of the students aspire to work professionally in this industry and work incredibly hard to achieve their goals.”

You can book tickets for their 9 to 5 show by calling 01908 324466 or by visiting


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