David Lloyd Club sure knows how to party!

Alicia Approved column: David Lloyd Club in Milton Keynes hosted Alicia Babaee’s son’s third birthday and she was impressed to find it’s much more than a health club.

Hosting a children’s party can be a whole lot of fun… and a whole load of hassle.

Henry’s first birthday party in 2015 was a blast, but it was stressful.

The day before, I was splattered head to toe in flour and icing, making frantic confirmation calls to venues and entertainers, while knee-deep in party bags I’d been filling for weeks.

Not this year! David Lloyd Club, based in Newlands, gave Henry a party he’ll remember forever – for which I didn’t have to lift a finger. The experience was totally hassle-free.


We booked the party, chose the theme (pirates) and menu, bought the cake and they did everything else: invitations, decorations, entertainment, food, party bags, thank-you cards – the lot. All we had to do was turn up.

Lisa Wright, David Lloyd’s Family Activity Manager, is a party planning extraordinaire.

In the early stages she was knowledgeable, available and helpful.

On the day she was incredible – capturing and holding the attention of 15 excited toddlers for two whole hours.


The party started with the kids showing off their costumes, getting transfer tattoos and playing warm-up games in a room decorated with pirate-themed banners and balloons.

Then Pirate Lisa led them to a studio where they enjoyed some energetic singing, dancing, bubbles and games.

Lisa, a former Pontins Bluecoat and party business owner, was a natural and really played to her audience.

When attention wavered, she instantly re-engaged them with another activity; everyone commented on how talented she was.


Energy depleted, our now sweaty – and very happy – little guests feasted on plentiful, excellent-quality chicken breast goujons, chips, veggie sticks and chocolate brownies. There’s an adults’ menu available, too.

Afterwards, we sang, they cut the cake, and put it in the party bags they’d prepared.


You don’t have to be a member to book a David Lloyd Club party – it’s £18 per head for both members and non-members (minimum of 10 children), plus £35 for the theme.

It was genuinely one of the best children’s parties I’ve been to, and we‘d book another one there in a flash.

Alicia is an award-winning freelance editor, copywriter and communicator. To talk to her about how she can help your business, connect with her on LinkedIn.


This column was first published in the June issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full digital edition by clicking on this link or on the photo below.


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