SoCal Fashion column: Don’t hesitate, fascinate!

June is the start of wedding season so some big outfit decisions face women across MK. Celebrate:MK’s resident fashion guru SoCal Val explains the rules on respecting the bride – and wearing a fascinator.

It’s officially wedding season! For a bride this can be a stressful time. But the role of fashionable wedding guest is one you should be very excited to play!

The outfit you choose when attending a loved one’s nuptials should reflect your individual personality and most importantly, show respect.

This isn’t the time nor place to break out that sexy bandage dress you’ve been dying to cut the tags off of.

Choose something sweet, pretty and demure.

The retro silhouette of the ‘Belle Poque’ dress I’m wearing here gives a nod to the past in its full skirt – perfect for swishing about on the dancefloor.


A sweet floral print is always a good, safe choice. Ditto for a simple black cinch belt to highlight your waist.

If a fascinator is part of the dress code (dear me, why would it NOT be) you can find reasonably priced ones in most department stores or search for a vintage piece online, as I did here with this darling black 1950s fascinator found on eBay.

Though I opted for a very feminine look here this doesn’t eliminate options for a cocktail dress in a shorter (but not too short) hemline or even a sharply tailored pantsuit.

Whatever you choose to wear I do believe that a few rules are in order.

I am staunchly against anything in full white, cream or anything resembling the bride’s chosen dress colour.

No trend or new-age rule should stray from this, simply because it’s respectful of the bride.

The same goes for anything all black (too sad/moody) or anything too revealing.

Comfort should also be a consideration. A carefree clutch purse and modest heels are perfect.

You want to enjoy the day without stumbling in platforms or fidgeting with over the top accessories.

Keep the clothing simple, your hair and makeup natural yet polished.

And remember, just because it isn’t “your” day doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be special and memorable.

Please raise your prosecco. I now pronounce you and your outfit as the perfect marriage of style and elegance! Cheers!

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This column was first published in the June issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Click on this link or on the photo below to read the full digital edition.


Check regularly for more columns, news and features from around Milton Keynes.

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