June cinema guide: It’s war for Wonder Woman

Reel Reviewer column: Celebrate:MK film critic Jason Day previews the new Wonder Woman movie and looks ahead to the best of the other June cinema releases.

DC Comics’ mighty Amazonian superhero Wonder Woman (out now) gets her first solo big screen adventure.

Gal Gadot takes the title role, a Princess who discovers her powers in the outside world when pilot Chris Pine crash-lands in her kingdom and tells her about the war raging back home.

Destiny/Der Mude Tod (out June 9):

A welcome airing of Fritz Lang’s inventive 1921 silent drama.

Death agrees to spare a woman’s fiancé, but only if she saves lovers in three historical stories.

German cinema at this time bested Hollywood and Lang was one of many filmmakers pushing the technical boundaries of movies.

Read my full review online at http://www.bit.ly/dermudetod

My Cousin Rachel (June 9):

The trailer for this adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s novel looks superbly photographed.

Rachel Weisz plays the title character as if possessed.

She’s the cousin that Sam Claflin wants revenge against but he finds himself falling under her spell as he spends time with her.

The Mummy (June 9):

Tom Cruise sticks to the blockbuster like a limpet on a sinking ship, here rebooting the series that made Weisz a star.

This looks derivative but Cruise can pull in punters whatever the movie’s quality. Settle into your seats for serious crowd-pleasing action.

Churchill (June 16):

Brian Cox enlivens many Hollywood movies, usually as a villain.

It’s not often he plays the lead, but here stars as the titular British Prime Minister.

Miranda Richardson plays his supportive wife.

Cox appears to have stayed away from the impersonations actors usually strain to give of this complex man.

Hampstead (June 22):

Ease into summer with lightweight, middle class larks.

Diane Keaton befriends Brendan Gleeson’s down and out who lives in a shed in Hampstead.

She lends him support when developers threaten to throw him out.

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This column was first published in the June issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Click on this link or on the photo below to read the full digital edition.


Check http://www.celebratemk.co.uk regularly for more columns, news and features from around Milton Keynes.


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