Gardening is the root to go for your kids to grow

Mummy Matters column, by Katherine Townsend.

The delightful sunshine that has blessed us with its presence recently and left us with that glorious feeling that summer is on its way has got me in the thinking mood.

This is the time of year that our green-fingered friends start collectively gathering all things bright and summer-like and mix them together in the ginormous metaphoric bowl we call the garden.

Then before you know it seeds have perforated the soil, leaves have erupted from stems and flowers have bloomed in every colour of the rainbow, making the perfect view as we kick back and relax on a warm summer’s evening.

But what most people tend to forget is gardening isn’t necessarily the performance of one man and his shovel, it is in fact the perfect family activity.

Whether it’s planting small flowers in a small space or growing endless vegetables in your allotment, gardening should be a team effort and its educational benefits are endless.

Not only are you teaching your children all the physical aspects of gardening such as digging, weeding, and watering, but you are also teaching them the fundamental importance of caring for something other than themselves.

Planting seeds and watching them grow can be a truly fascinating prospect for someone with tiny green fingers.

What makes gardening for kids in Milton Keynes even better is Dobbie’s Garden Centre, which has its own unique grasp on providing children with the knowledge that gardening isn’t just a grown-up hobby.

Dobbie’s offers its very own children’s garden club ‘Little Seedlings’ for kids aged between four and 10 years, which parents will be thrilled to learn is free-of-charge to attend.

The club has monthly meets in which your children will have the opportunity to learn about the natural world of plants and the environment – something I personally feel is hugely beneficial to children.

My little ladies have been rather busy themselves these last few weeks at our own allotment, planting seeds, digging, weeding and helping daddy build a shed.

There is just so much fun to be had and, at the cost of a few packs of seeds and a bag of compost, it’s a hobby I intend to encourage for many years to come.

You know they enjoy it too when that’s the first place they ask to go to the next day.

This column was first published in the May issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine.

Click on this link or on the photo below to read the full digital edition.


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