Sculpt your perfect summer body at The Scultura Clinic

The winter months have flown by and here we are again, on the verge of summer.

Our intentions to get in shape for the beach were good, but the hectic lifestyles we have led through those chilly months have left us way short of our target weight.

Sound familiar? Well, fortunately there is a quick, healthy solution right here on our doorsteps in Milton Keynes that will get you ready to wear your bikini or swimming trunks with pride this year!


The Scultura Clinic, based in Kiln Farm, is perfect for people who want to improve their body or face, but who are not keen on invasive treatments such as botox or surgical liposuction.

It is an award-winning medical led specialist clinic that offers body and face sculpting treatments using completely safe, non-invasive, medically proven Lipofirm PLUS technology – a natural treatment which removes fat cells and stimulates new collagen growth.

Headed by Dr Raj Tanna (pictured below), who is a full-time GP, Scultura offers treatments proven to achieve inch loss, removal of cellulite, skin tightening, contouring of the body, plus reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


The clinic was set up based on concerns that current treatments for removal of fine lines and wrinkles, and weight loss, involve surgery or are invasive to the body, such as dermafillers.

Dr Tanna researched and discovered new technology that produces great results using ultrasound waves (sound waves), which cause vibration to destroy the fat cells without damaging surrounding structures like the skin, blood vessels and nerves.

The technology uses Ultrasonic Liposuction, Cavitation and EV lasers twin trend radio frequency.

Dr Tanna explained: “Following extensive trials we are delighted to be able to offer treatments at The Scultura Clinic in Milton Keynes to target cellulite, reduce fat, and tighten skin, which takes years off you.

“Providing a medically led service is important to ensure that the procedures are safe and professionally delivered.

“But we are also results driven and Lipofirm treatments are proven to work – and they will work for you.

“You can lose centimetres of fat and cellulite from the targeted area on the body from the first treatment, giving long term, sustainable results.

“The fact that Lipofirm is medically proven is one of the reasons we use this machine – you can have complete peace of mind.”


Dr Tanna is supported at the Tilers Road-based clinic by practice managers Sonia Roberts and Beena Tanna, who are also experts in the collagen-boosting technology, which is actively used by celebrities.

The clinic has only been open since 2014 but it has already made a name for itself as a safe place to receive treatment because of its medical rigour.

Sonia explained: “Top of our list is to keep people safe.

“If someone is undergoing medical care we won’t give them any treatments ourselves until we know the outcome.

“There is so much medical treatment out there that is unregulated but we have incredibly strict rules here and a more scientific approach, which is perhaps why we get such good results.

“We want to make sure that clients get 100% from their treatment every time.”

Male belly

Celebrate:MK can vouch for the clinic’s medical rigour as this feature article was initially supposed to be a first-person account from one of our team who was set to try out the Lipofirm treatment.

Unfortunately the Celebrate:MK team member in question was suffering from a mild viral infection of the skin, so the treatment was postponed until they have been given the all-clear by the GP.

Although weight loss treatments are often viewed as something for women, Dr Tanna explained that lots of men regularly attend The Scultura Clinic.

“Men will often come to get help with their beer bellies and love handles, and we’ve had success with man boobs too,” he explained.

“I don’t use these names myself but this is how the men usually describe their stubborn areas themselves.

“Women often come in for smoothing of the lines on their face, improving a sagging jaw line, tummies, legs, arms, thighs and back fat treatments – it’s a real mix.”


For more information or to book a free consultation, call the scultura clinic on 01908 774160 or visit

This article was first published in the May issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Click on this link, or on the photo below, to read the full digital editionp22-23.jpg

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