The Draft House crafts an MK beer revolution

They say that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

And The Draft House is leading the craft beer revolution in Milton Keynes with an incredible range of almost 100 brews at its popular bar at The Hub.


Celebrate:MK went along to meet the team and was astonished to discover that they print off a fresh beer list every day to give to guests on a clipboard because the beers are changed on the taps and in the fridges every 24 hours.

The MK bar is The Draft House’s first outside of London and has already made a huge impression on locals since replacing The Secklow Hundred in October.


General manager Richard Pedley explained: “Back when I first started drinking beer there was a very limited choice, but now there are so many different types to explore.

“Recently we had a coconut beer that was amazing and people loved it, and we’ve had a fantastic grapefruit beer too.

“It’s great that people are exploring as beer doesn’t have to be a basic thing, it can be intriguing and exciting.

“The trend seems to be that people aren’t going out to get smashed any more, they are going out to try different beers and to enjoy the experience.

“And once people take their first step off the mainstream branded path they realise that they don’t just like Guinness, for example, they like lots of other beers of that style and their taste evolves.

“The craft beer revolution is really exciting to be a part of as there really is something for everybody.”

Local breweries Concrete Cow and Hornes have collaborated to create MK Pale No. 1 Citra beer specifically for The Draft House MK, so pop along to try a proper MK pint!

If you are passionate about beer and would like to join The Draft House team in MK, email

Logo Yellow

An exciting feature of The Draft House MK is that it serves beer paddles that hold three different thirds of a pint, so you can quickly explore all the pale ales, IPAs, weisse beers, Belgium ales, porters, sours and more. The beer paddles are available for just £5 from Sunday to Wednesday.

Thirds - PWF -0163.jpg

The food is great too after a new head chef was recently appointed, so use our voucher (below) to receive 20% off!

This article was first published in the May issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Click on this link, or on the photo below, to read the full digital edition


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