Kaspa’s is sweet-tooth heaven

Alicia Approved column, by Alicia Babaee.


Whatever our reputation nationally (roundabouts and concrete cows), MK’s residents love living here.

Our one complaint is about the abundance of chain businesses. At my last count there were five Nando’s and four Pizza Express restaurants.

So when something new comes to town – even a UK chain – everyone gets excited. Enter Kaspa’s, the new American-style dessert parlour.

Despite mixed reviews, there’s been loads of hype. Not surprising given the alluring, sugar-laden menu of sundaes, waffles, crepes and milkshakes.

We turned up at lunchtime on Good Friday. It was packed; the queue backed up to the door.

When we eventually got to the front, the friendly hostess took our details and our booth was ready within 15 minutes.

Frustratingly, ordering and paying at Kaspa’s involves another long queue. But for anyone with a sweet tooth (me!), the prospect of ice cream flavours including coconut, hazelnut, bubble gum and pistachio helps you get over this.

Around an hour passed between walking in and our food arriving, so if you’re not okay with that, I’d recommend booking.


Sundaes include ‘Cookies and Cream’ (Oreos, vanilla and cookies & cream ice cream and chocolate syrup) and ‘Coffee Bean’ (cappuccino and caramel dulce ice cream, whipped cream and coffee syrup).

We had the latter and would order the same again in a heartbeat. We also had a delicious ‘Traditional Sweet and Simple Crepe’ with vanilla ice cream, and a white chocolate ice cream in a chocolate and sprinkles-dipped waffle cone, which my two-year old loved.

We also designed our own sundae; passion fruit sorbet, white chocolate ice cream and white Belgian chocolate sauce.

They forgot the whipped cream, but it was amazing, regardless. Next time, we’ll be trying the M&M waffle.

The limited edition Easter puds looked fantastic, too. Four desserts and four hot drinks came to an acceptable £25.

It’s not somewhere you’d go all the time, but it’s a great treat. Plus, it’s brilliant to see something new arriving in our floundering Theatre District.


Alicia is an award-winning freelance editor, copywriter and communicator. To talk to her about how she can help your business, connect with her on LinkedIn.

This column was first published in the May issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Click on this link or the photo below to read the full digital edition.


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