Blogger goes from figure of fun to Ginger Mum

A local mum has had the last laugh over the jokers who ridiculed her ginger hair – by launching an award-winning blog called Ginger Mum.

Amanda Fulton, who grew up in Scotland but has lived in the Milton Keynes area for the last 10 years, hated being ginger after years of being teased about the colour of her hair.

But four years ago she decided to start loving her natural ginger locks – and she hasn’t looked back.

Amanda’s lifestyle and fashion blog Ginger Mum has more than 100,000 followers across its website and social media channels, despite the fact that she only set it up two years ago.

And the blog has been so successful that Amanda is now a national digital influencer, Huffington Post writer, public speaker and TalkRadio regular.

She explained: “I was teased mercilessly at school for being ginger and I hated it – It drove me mad.

“People assume it is perfectly acceptable to comment on your hair colour in any negative way they like.

“But it cuts deep because it is so personal, and something you can’t really do much about. My husband is the only person that I’ve ever let use the word ‘ginger’ around me.

“I hated being ginger my whole life but then I hit a landmark birthday and I just thought, ‘Do you know what? I’m going to embrace this and make it work for me.

“So I decided to use it as the foundation of my blog and it has changed my feelings about myself, about life and everything really – it’s been so cathartic.

“I feel like my success is the ultimate revenge on the people who teased me really, as being ginger has become my trademark and the catalyst to the success I’ve had.”


Amanda has had a varied work history but she couldn’t be happier now that she is working full-time for herself in a writing role.

She said: “I’ve been a corporate blogger, a social media manager, an event manager and I’m a former actress – I’ve done everything!

“I’ve been in Holby City, Eastenders and so many other TV programmes but my parts often ended up on the cutting room floor so I’d describe myself as an unfulfilled actress.

“I’m doing my dream job now. When I was a teenager I used to sit on my typewriter at my parents’ house making magazines so I feel as if I’ve come full circle from there as I always wanted to be a journalist.

“At first I didn’t really know where the blog was going to go but very quickly it gathered momentum.

“I’ve worked with some big UK brands and that has helped it to grow incredibly. It’s been very organic and a lot more successful than I ever dreamed it would be.

“We get so many amazing opportunities as a family now too as a result of my job.

“Interaction is what us bloggers love most so it’s important for people who read my blog to comment and connect!”


Follow Amanda’s blog at and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram at @gingermumblog. We are delighted to announce that Amanda will be joining the Celebrate:MK team from next month as a columnist, bringing some of her Ginger Mum sparkle to our pages!


This article was first published in the May issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full digital edition by clicking on this link, or on the photo below.


Check regularly for more news and features from around Milton Keynes.

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