Former US wrestling diva SoCal Val urges you to take risks in what you wear this spring

SoCal Fashion column: Celebrate:MK fashion columnist and former TNA wrestling diva Valerie Wyndham, who now lives in Milton Keynes, is clearly a woman worth listening to as she has almost 150,000 followers on Twitter. She explains how a recent holiday to Miami has inspired her latest MK look.


Spring has sprung, fashionistas! Flowers are about to blossom and with a few simple style tricks, so will our wardrobes!

Begone basic black… it’s time to incorporate fresh patterns, happy prints and courageous colours into our daily attire.

A recent vacation to the sandy shores of Miami Beach inspired my upbeat attitude which eventually translated into the outfit you see here.

The city’s graphic artwork and tropical climate was just what I needed to inspire me to take risks in what I choose to wear this spring.


I must admit I was apprehensive to dip my toe into the pool of whimsical prints! Once I did though, it completely recharged my spirit.

This may have had something to do with the poolside daiquiris that accompanied this look post-photoshoot… but in my defence they DID match my outfit.

Accessorising with cocktails is the newest trend, didn’t you know?

Another colourful trend to take note of this season is colour blocking in surprising pairings, such as royal blue and cherry red, peach and mint green and even shocking orange with lemon yellow.

These delicious combos have me craving another fruity cocktail! But before I summon the pool boy let me stress this point: I truly believe you ARE what you wear.

Why not see if a jolt of bright colour in your outfit doesn’t make the hum drum of daily life just a little more enjoyable.

My final piece of advice to those complaining of Milton Keynes’ gloomy weather?

Don’t you dare let a lack of sunshine keep you away from a cheerful new spring look.

Embracing colour is your sartorial right at this time of year! So go out there and find the one that puts a #SPRING in your step.

Stylishly yours,



Follow Valerie on Twitter at @SoCalValerie, Instagram at OfficialSoCalVal or her personal fashion blog at

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