Dads to enter Wacky Rally in MK-themed car for The Henry Allen Trust

Four local dads are pimping their ride Milton Keynes-style for a European road trip, complete with cows, roundabouts and even The Point, writes Mimi Launder.

Organisers Wacky Rally allow only £300 to buy and personalise a car – and whilst there are droves of Bat Mobiles and tributes to Star Wars, there is only one drive inspired by our beloved city of roundabouts.

Concrete cow

“Milton Keynes has a bad name, but we want to celebrate it,” said account director Kev Sparks.

“We’ve all been here for over 20 years. We’ve brought kids up here.”

Kev and his friends – Gary Billingham, Gary Mears and Rob Herkes – plan cow print, cow horns, cow bells, roundabout signs on the wheels and even a mini The Point attached to the roof.

Kev said: “We want to celebrate MK, but we want to have fun with it too.”

But they are not forgetting the practicalities when it comes to driving in fancy dress.


Settling on onesies with udders, latex cow masks and super soakers, Kev said: “We’re driving a long way, after all!

“The team name we’re probably going to go with is ‘We Can’t Believe We’re Not a City’.”

Their “very old” Mercedes will take them from Lille to the Italian beach resort Rimini this summer, through the dramatic scenery and tight turns of the Alps and the Dolomites.

“It’s going to be an undulating, quite hairy experience,” added Kev. Kev is urging any companies who are interested in getting involved to contact them.

“We’re not after sponsorship or money – just if there is anything you can do to endorse the Milton Keynes aspect. We’ve already got the concrete cow brewery on board. They did a limited 50th anniversary lager and promised a beer on our return.”


Their chosen charity for Wacky Rally is The Henry Allen Trust.

Kev and his friends are no strangers to fundraising – they raised £3,500 for Muscular Dystrophy UK by walking the Three Peaks Challenge with Kev’s brother-in-law who was diagnosed with the condition.

“We are a group of guys who are all settled down with families and stuff. So now and then we will try to do something exciting.

“But this year we thought let’s do something even better than that. Let’s take it outside the UK.

“Our families and friends think we’re a bit mad and say, ‘you want to take time away from work and family to drive across Europe in a banger of a car?’ Our answer is ‘yes’.”


To make a donation towards The Henry Allen Trust and support the dads, visit

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  1. Best of luck in your challenge. I have completed 2 rallies now and came first in 2015 in a mondeo tank! You will have a fantastic time, Rob and the crew who organise the event are a great bunch.


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