The Wurzels were anything but pants in their MK11 gig

The Scene music column, by Vicki McCarthy.


With recent news of Ed Sheeran taking up 16 spots in the UK top 20, it’s become obvious to most just how much the music industry has changed.

In an age where artists can find fame quickly through reality shows and social media, many don’t have to “serve their time” playing to six people in the back room of a pub.

This is why I love bands that have withstood the industry and been together for decades.

So, recently, I saw one of these bands, when MK11 gave us a night of music, cider and laughter, courtesy of The Wurzels.

Formed in 1966, with some line-up changes over the years – the first due to the untimely death of founding member Adge Cutler – their popularity endured and they became chart sensations.

With a packed gig itinerary and new recordings, the band is showing no sign of hanging up their neckerchiefs.

When the subject was broached, Tommy from the band simply stated: “We will call it a day when we no longer enjoy it.”

This enjoyment was evident to the sold out crowd packed into MK11 for their gig.

Billy Nomad and Gareth Warren and Fools warmed the crowd up perfectly for the inventors of the ‘Scrumpy and Western’ genre and The Wurzels were greeted by a diverse demographic making up the cheering crowd.

Ticking off favourites from Cheddar Cheese, to The Marrow Song (Oh! What a Beauty!) and Don’t Tell I, Tell ‘Ee, the band gave the audience just what they wanted, punctuated with their onstage banter and well-worn-yet-hilarious one-liners, meaning fans could drink, sing and laugh in equal measures.

As the show came to a close, the opening bars of The Combine Harvester kicked in, sending the crowd into a frenzy, with Tommy inexplicably stripping to his pants mid-song making the crowd roar!

Then the gig was over. The band being true professionals, thanked the support acts, the staff and the crowd alike, before bidding us a sincere farewell.

With their professionalism, humour and downright catchy tunes, it’s easy to see why The Wurzels have weathered the test of time. Which I for one, raise my glass to. Now where did I put my cider?


You can catch Vicki McCarthy Monday to Thursday on MKFM from 7pm to 10pm on 106.3FM and Twitter: @VickiMcCarthyFM

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