McDonald’s staff volunteer to clean up Milton Keynes

McDonald’s demonstrates its commitment to Milton Keynes through the dedication of its staff to projects around the city.

One such partnership is with Milton Keynes City Centre Management and the Love Where You Live events, focusing on improving the area through cleaning and litter picking.

Hundreds of staff have taken part over the last 20 events with the next one planned for April 20, as well as a special 24 hour event in July. See more at

11/08/16 LoveMK litter pick
11/08/16 LoveMK litter pick McDonalds staff and volunteers lead by franchisee, Ken Tomkins get ready to head out from Xscape on a 24hr litter pick around Milton Keynes. Pic – Richard Marsham

Reporter Jessica Duncan (pictured below) now takes a look back at the day she spent working with the team at McDonald’s in Westcroft, learning what it’s really like to work under the golden arches. Here are three things you need to know…

mcdonalds 3

1. How hard they work!

I was completely blown away with how hard the whole team have to work, especially in the kitchen. Making the beef products, the team have a 44 second target and on the chicken side they have even less time to make your meal fresh to meet customers’ expectations. I will never tut again when waiting for my Chicken Wrap!

2. It is a more rewarding job than you would think.

I was really impressed with how rewarding the job could be. As well as employee of the month, training is also freely available for all members of staff to work their way up, learning and earning more. It is not all about flipping burgers, you can also plot a career path and I could see staff really appreciated the opportunities available and took pride in their jobs.

3. There is a lot to learn.

Making the burgers is not for someone who hasn’t got a brain cell! You really need to know all the recipes off by heart.


These articles were first published in the March issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. You can read the full digital edition by clicking here.

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