SoCal Fashion: Hip hip beret for tweed!

Californian fashionista Valerie Wyndham is happy that the MK climate in March gives her a chance to get some extra mileage out of her winter wardrobe. This month she talks berets, legs and timeless tweed jackets.


We’re not in SoCal anymore, Toto. I am reminded of this every time I step out of my door here in Milton Keynes.

I’m greeted each morning by cold temperatures and occasional freezing rain. Or to me, it feels freezing.

With that being said I am a perpetually positive gal and I’m happy to report that I LOVE March in England!

If I was back home I’d be floating around in sorbet coloured maxi dresses and sipping prosecco at brunch.

But here, I am able to hold onto classic, polished wardrobe staples for just a bit longer.

It’s thrilling for me to get more mileage out of my fall/winter looks thanks to this country’s beautiful climate.

For those of you that are longing for Spring Fashion I have some good news.

Now is the time to scour Pinterest, fashion magazines or my blog in search of dreamy looks to try when the sun makes its first cameo!

There are dozens of trends you’ll want to explore when the temperature rises.

But until then ask yourself, ‘which pieces do I have in my closet that deserve a last run?’

For me it is this vintage plaid tweed jacket (that could easily pass for Chanel) worn over a feminine white ruffled blouse.


To up the glam factor I wore this jacket with bejeweled mirrored sunglasses and vintage black and white spectator pumps.

I am also daring to flash a bit of leg here. Remember legs? Those things that have been in hibernation underneath your black opaque tights? It’s finally time to let them see the light of day!

To prove this jacket’s versatility I could also wear it with a rocker tee, ripped jeans and studded boots.

Playing around with a favourite item of clothing can be so rewarding when you find multiple ways to wear it.

So before we SPRING into next season’s trends can we get a ‘hip hip beret’ for this ensemble?

A sophisticated tweed jacket like this one is not seasonal…it’s timeless.

Stay classy, fashionistas!


Follow Valerie on Twitter at @SoCalValerie, Instagram at OfficialSoCalVal or her personal fashion blog at

This article was first published in the March issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Click here to read the full digital edition.

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