Live life on the veg with Riverford

Let’s be honest, healthy eating is normally hard work, writes Anne Green (@NeuGrufti).

You spend ages searching through cook books for recipes, even longer finding the ingredients in the supermarket, and then you have to figure out how to actually cook it when you get home.

It’s no wonder then that as our lives get busier, so many of us resort to takeaways, microwave meals and bunging a pizza in the oven to just put some fuel in the tank.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if healthy eating was just as quick and simple as eating junk food?

Well, our prayers have been answered as that is exactly what Riverford do – and you can order their food straight to your door in Milton Keynes.


Riverford’s recipe boxes make cooking a healthy meal straightforward, even for a culinary klutz.

All the ingredients you need are in the box, in the right quantities, so you immediately save time on shopping and weighing things out.

Each meal comes with a detailed recipe leaflet, with a list of ingredients, step-by-step instructions on what to do, and an appetising photo of the finished meal, so you can see what you’re aiming at.

Vanessa and Russell Cook (pictured above) have owned the Riverford franchise for the Milton Keynes area since 2004, and now also cover Luton, making about 600 deliveries each week.

Vanessa explained: “We’ve become a strong feature in the local community.

“All of our customers know we live in Milton Keynes, and for many of them buying organic food from a local business has become very important.

“Once customers have ordered a recipe box or veg box delivery, there’s quite a lot of personal interaction and support.

“We’re very focused on the educational side of the business.

“That means if a customer doesn’t know what to do with kohlrabi, we’ll give them some tips or recipes.

“These little bits of useful information put people in touch with what fresh organic veg is all about, and they also help to build the essential relationship between our customers and us.”


The couple pride themselves on their helpful approach and often build good friendships with their customers.

“As a Riverford franchisee, you really become part of the fabric of the community,” said Vanessa.

“You even get to know, for example, if somebody has just had a baby, which is lovely!

“You become a part of peoples’ lives, and that feels good.

“We’re quite evangelical about Riverford, and about organic food, and I think our passion certainly helps.

“We grow a huge proportion of our own produce on our own farms.”


Even novice cooks might surprise themselves by producing some quite sophisticated meals using the recipe boxes.

It is also useful that you don’t need to stockpile large amounts of ingredients such as spices, for example, when you only need a small amount for one meal.

As well as recipe and vegetable boxes, Riverford supply a whole range of meat, dairy products, everyday groceries, wine and soft drinks.

All products are sourced organically and everything is delivered to your door.

You can see the full range at


This article was first published in the February issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. You can read the full digital edition here.

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