Alicia lives the wildlife at Woburn Safari Park

Alicia Approved column, by Alicia Babaee.

A couple of weeks ago, while our Sunday roast was cooking, we popped out on a wolf-spotting, lion-watching, bear-hunting adventure.

Woburn Safari Park – just ten miles away from MK – is the perfect family outing for a grey day, even if I do find it bizarre that there are tigers, elephants and giraffes living just down the road from us!

On a drizzly afternoon, I bundled the terrible twosome (the husband and the mini, pictured top right) into the car and off we went.


I was worried that Henry (the mini) might fall asleep in the car or, worse, decide that he wanted to get out in the middle of the lion’s den!

But as soon as we arrived, the novelty of sitting in the front with us made him giddy with excitement.

We were safari park regulars as kids and have video evidence of my brother and I asking questions such as: “Mum, are those lions eating meat or a person?”

But my hubby had never been before and couldn’t quite believe that we were just feet from a family of rhinos with just a car door between us for protection! The road safari was fantastic.


In Kingdom of the Carnivores we got right up close to lions, wolves and bears which we loved.

The other big highlights for us were the elephants, giraffes (especially the baby one) and monkeys.

I just wish I could have bottled Henry’s giggles when a monkey jumped on our car and plonked his big bottom on the windscreen!

We also saw zebras, bison and camels in the Northern Plains section, wildebeests and buffalo in the Savannah Grasslands.


Our all-inclusive tickets meant that we received free passes to the sea lion show, which was educational and fun – if a little chilly, plus a great 3D animation about sea pollution.

In the foot safari, we walked through the Land of the Lemurs and loved watching the penguins.

There was loads in this section that we didn’t have time to see as we didn’t realise there would be so much there.

We’ll be going back soon to check out out the birds, ‘friendly animals’, squirrel monkeys and Australian Walkabout.

We might swerve the Dissscovery Zone, though, home to snakes, spiders and scorpions!


You could easily spend an entire day at Woburn Safari – there’s soft play, animal shows, a train, Go Ape, pedalos and outdoor play areas.

Plus, if you’re feeling flush, you can buy special experiences with the animals. Thanks to our all-inclusive tickets, we got free bottled water on arrival and a free meal at Safari Lodge.

The food wasn’t much to look at, but we were pleasantly surprised as it was actually really tasty!

We are so lucky to have such a great family attraction on our doorstep.

We can’t wait to go back and may even consider an annual pass at some point.

Give it a try! Tickets are priced at £65.99 for a family of four online, £30 for an all-inclusive adult, or £20.99 for a child.


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