Have fun with your look on Valentine’s Day

SoCal Fashion column, by Valerie Wyndham

I have never understood why so many people dislike Valentine’s Day.

For a hopeless romantic such as myself it is a holiday to look forward to for so many reasons: Flowers! Champagne! Chocolate! More champagne!

But the main reason is the excuse to embrace my uber femininity in a romantic frock.


I usually welcome the cliché of wearing red or pink and matching my outfit to a bold lipstick in a complimentary shade.

For a redhead this is exciting as too much red on me can turn into a Ronald McDonald nightmare.

I am opting for hot pink this year in an off-the-shoulder top by River Island (my favourite UK store) paired with a vintage ballroom skirt and matching satin pumps by Betsey Johnson.


Whether you’re taken or single, this is the perfect time to have fun with your look.

In my single days (I recently got engaged) this meant dressing the same as I would now and coercing my girlfriends to do the same as we hopped from one cocktail bar to another.

One of our local watering holes encouraged guests to bring ripped photos of their exes with the reward being a discount on Valentine’s cocktails named after heartbreak.

Hopefully there’s an establishment in Milton Keynes that will adopt this tradition!

Trust me when I say nothing is funnier and more empowering than turning a “couple’s holiday” into an all-nighter with your gal pals!


So if you’re still stumped on the perfect Valentine’s Day ensemble, my advice on what to wear is the same as my advice on a first date: Be yourself, only a more polished, glammed up version of yourself.

This means experimenting with what makes you feel beautiful!

For me, as shown here, it’s a girly skirt to twirl in. For you it may be a leather bomber jacket?

No matter the ensemble, you don’t need love to celebrate this occasion. All you need is a love for yourself and for the outfit that makes you feel LOVELY! Happy SoCal Val-entine’s Day!

Follow Valerie on Twitter at @SoCalValerie, Instagram at OfficialSoCalVal or her personal fashion blog at http://www.valeriewyndham.net/fashion

This article was published in the February issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full digital magazine here

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