You would have to be a fool not to enjoy this local band

The Scene column, by Vicki McCarthy.

It was widely felt that 2016 was a tragic year for the arts, as one-by-one we lost our musical heroes, leaving many to say it was the year that music died.

Yes, we loved and lost, but just like life, each day others are born (literally and metaphorically), with influences being drawn from those before them.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Music consumption through streaming saw revenues grow by 49% (£251m) last year and December saw UK sales of vinyl overtake the digital music sales for the first time ever.

It was also a stellar year for local band forest of fools (which is correctly written all in lower case), as 2016 saw them playing the likes of Glastonbury, Bestival and Boomtown festivals, as well as the local gigs, that always sell out.


Friday 13th, traditionally unlucky for some, but certainly not for the gig-goers attending fof’s show at the Wolverton Top Club last month.

A well-executed event, in aid of Willen Hospice at a venue they don’t normally play, the crowd was greeted with a superb support set from rock covers outfit Lying Toads, warming the stage up nicely for fof’s first gig of 2017.

A band that produces – in the main – an instrumental offering, fof brings something different to the table, injecting fresh vibrancy, while meshing folk, roots, dub and drum and bass to name but a few genres, they occasionally bring in a guest vocalist or musician, reinventing the tunes you think you know well and leaving their listener wanting more.

This gig was no exception, with a wide and diverse demographic of music-lover in attendance, from those dancing down the front (me included) to those quietly enjoying the sounds from the comfort of their pint by the bar, the set catered for everyone.

Starting off with Turbo Homunculus, they romped through a storming list of tunes, before closing the night with my personal favourite Bacca Phat Pipes.

When asked to describe their sound, fof call it ‘jump up folk’ – a musical genre, yes – but having seen them live, I would hasten to add that this could also be interpreted as an order!

With their catchy melodies and the feeling like you are witnessing something really special, who are we, not to comply?

You can catch Vicki McCarthy Monday to Thursday on MKFM from 7pm to 10pm on 106.3FM and Twitter: @VickiMcCarthyFM

This article was published in the February issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full digital magazine here

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