Simon Tuck and Sarah Holmes win The Fortress book competition

Celebrate:MK is delighted to announce that the winners of The Fortress book competition are Simon Tuck and Sarah Holmes.

We teamed up with local children’s author Faye Carlisle to give away some copies of her new fantasy adventure novel The Fortress.

To enter, we asked you to come up with your own pun-based headline for the book, which is a good-versus-evil story about young Cameron who has special powers that allow him to manipulate earth, wind and fire.

Simon Tuck, who entered via Twitter, came up with: ‘Dancing in September? Fortress when Earth Wind And Fire are chasing the clouds away’.

Sarah Holmes, who entered via Facebook, wrote: ‘New book, The Fortress, goes down a storm!’

Congratulations to both Simon and Sarah on your winning entries. To claim your prize please email Faye on We have already notified her of your triumph!

Look out for a Valentine’s Day-themed competition in our next issue of Celebrate:MK, which is released on February 1st.





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