Solicitors explain why Neves is the mother of all law firms

Solicitors have been getting a bad rep ever since one of Shakespeare’s characters famously said: ‘Let’s kill all the lawyers.’

But it’s a shame The Bard of Avon wasn’t still around in 1867 when the first branch of Neves Solicitors was founded in Luton.

If he had been, even the greatest poet of all time may have been tempted to tear up his script – if the staff were as pleasant, cheerful and knowledgeable as the pair of solicitors Celebrate:MK met at the company’s lavish new MK offices in Rooksley.


But it’s no wonder senior associates Mel Lawrence and Elizabeth McGlone are happy, as there is no place the working mums would rather ply their trade. Conveyancing solicitor Mel (pictured above) explained: “I started out as an apprentice at Neves many years ago and since then I’ve worked for large and small legal firms across Beds, Herts and Bucks. But now I’m a mum-of-four it was Neves’ family values that brought me back.

“The company combines traditional values with modern practices, which makes it a fantastic place to work.

“At some law firms you are expected to work from 9am until seven at night, but at Neves they ensure that staff can strike that work-family balance.

“I can go and see my children in the school play, or take them to school if I need to, so they’re very flexible.

“Us working mums at Neves are really happy in our jobs and it shows in our relationships with our clients. Our customer care is second to none.”

It is a similar story for employment law expert Elizabeth (pictured below), who rejoined Neves in October.


She said: “I was with Neves for five years, then after having a baby I sampled another firm as I thought the grass might be greener elsewhere. It wasn’t.

“I’m absolutely delighted to be back as Neves has been around for a long time but it’s a really forward-thinking firm.

“They look after their staff and clients and we’ve just moved to our lovely new offices. It’s perfect that all of our commercial team are together in one building as we can all refer work to each other.”

Elizabeth has already helped a host of local businesses and employees since her return to Neves – and she can help you too.

“I’m looking to engage with small businesses locally that are struggling with HR or troublesome employees,” she explained.

“And I’m here to help any employees who are having problems at work.

“I can help anybody facing problems such as discrimination, unfair dismissal, issues regarding national minimum wage, working time regulation, zero hour contracts and confidential agreements to sever employment relationships.”


Meanwhile, Mel is urging anyone thinking of putting their house on the property market to get in touch.

She said: “If you use Neves you will find that the procedure will go through more quickly, smoothly and you’ll have someone with 16 years of conveyancing experience to guide you every step of the way.”

Anyone interested in talking to Mel or Elizabeth can call Neves on 01908 304560.

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