Simon’s Concept is keeping Milton Keynes clean

People who visit Milton Keynes for the first time often remark how clean it is compared to other major UK towns and cities.

The landmark buildings sparkle in the summer sun and possess a healthy shine through the winter months – leaving many visitors jealous with envy.

But have you ever considered why our beloved city is so clean? One reason is the sheer hard graft and expertise of the team at Concept Clean, who have cleaned virtually every major building in MK since the company’s launch seven years ago.

From the shiny marble of Stadium:MK, to the finely polished glass at The Centre:MK, to the skyline-esque walls of the John Lewis distribution centre that welcome visitors from junction 13 of the M1 – Concept Clean has done it all.


And owner Simon Dodson has been vindicated in his bold decision to swap his smart suit and tie at MK Dons for his Concept hoodie and combat trousers.

He explained: “I was commercial manager at MK Dons and it was a really high-pressure job – it was very demanding with lots of hours.

“I decided I wanted to work for myself then I saw my window cleaner come round and I thought ‘I could do that’.

“My family and friends were very sceptical about my career change but it has worked out really well.

“I started off doing window cleaning in MK and I was earning a wage, but what really kicked me on was finding out my wife was pregnant.

“I took on more work then soon I had a team of staff, three vans, and we haven’t looked back since.”


Alongside cleaning windows and buildings, Concept Clean offers pressure washing, high level cleaning, gutter cleaning and grounds maintenance – with a fully professional approach.

Simon said: “Window cleaners are often viewed as fly-by-nights who will knock over your plants and take your money and run, but we’ve tried to change that.

“All of our guys are uniformed, we’re a professional company with a website, we’re traceable and we text domestic customers the night before so they know we’re coming.”

The company’s good reputation has spread far beyond the realms of MK as they now carry out regular big cleaning jobs in London, Oxford and Leicester.

But there is one clear winner when it comes to the cleaning job Simon is most proud of.

“Stadium:MK was a mammoth job,” he said. “It took us three months to clean it from top to bottom last summer.

“I’m really proud of the job we did as there’s not many people who can say they’ve cleaned something of that stature.

“The club was delighted with our work.”


For more information or to make a booking, call Concept Clean on 01908 749563 or visit

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