Muffins Coffee Shop in Stony Stratford is the Lord of the Pies

As anyone who grew up in London will tell you, there are few finer things in life than tucking into a traditional pie and mash meal.

From the soft, sweet, mushy base of the pies, to the juicy steak mince centre, crispy tops, the fluffy mashed potato and parsley-flavoured liquor – the whole experience is heavenly.

But fortunately for us, Muffins Coffee Shop in Stony Stratford has brought the capital’s favourite dish to our beloved city – and the people of MK are lapping it up.


Owner Nick Thomson (pictured) explained: “I took over the cafe in February and a friend of mine suggested we should do pie and mash because there’s a big call for it, so we thought ‘let’s try it’.

“Then it just went crazy.People now come back week after week and we have a lot of regulars.

“They even tell us when they won’t be in if they’re going on holiday, and ask us to make sure we’ve got a pie for them when they get back.

“We started off just doing it on Friday nights but now we offer pie and mash on Mondays and Wednesdays too.

“We’ve even started doing home delivery because the older generation love it.

“We deliver quite far afield – we do the whole of Milton Keynes plus Towcester, Deanshanger, Cosgrove, Hanslope and we go right out as far as Woburn.”


A single pie, mash and liquor meal from Muffins costs £7, with an extra £2.95 charge for home delivery.

However, delivery is free on Fridays for orders over £20. Natasha Garcia (pictured on the right), manager of the shop in Swinfens Yard on the High Street, admitted she was over the moon when pie and mash was added to the menu.

She said: “I’m from London and my dad absolutely loves pie and and mash so I grew up on it.

“I remember the day he made me try it as a kid and I said, ‘What’s all that green stuff? I’m not sure if I’ll like that’. But he told me not to be silly and to just try it – I absolutely loved it.

“So as soon as Nick said we’re going to do pie and mash I was hoping it would be as good as what I used to have – and it is. It’s the real deal as it’s brought in from London.

“The jellied eels are brought in from Billingsgate fish market every week too.”


But there is one question Natasha is asked more than any other by customers at Muffins.

She explained: “A lot of the older generation were brought up on pie and mash but some of the younger people ask, ‘Is there alcohol in the liquor?’ We get that day in, day out. So just to confirm, there is no alcohol in the liquor!”

But it isn’t just pie and mash on the menu at Muffins.

Natasha said: “Everything is fresh, using local produce from local butchers, and our customers say we do one of the best all-day breakfasts in Milton Keynes.

“We do a coffee and a muffin deal for £1.50, which brings a lot of people in.

“We also offer sandwiches, panninis, breakfast baps, salads, jacket potatoes, lattes, cappuccinos, milkshakes, smoothies and lots more. It certainly keeps me busy!”

To order your pie and mash delivery on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, call Muffins on 01908 262320.

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