Go MK, it’s your birthday! MK50 starts with January exhibition

Unless you’re The Queen, you’re lucky if you get more than one birthday celebration.

But Milton Keynes is set to embark upon a whole year of celebrations to mark its 50th birthday – and we’re all invited.

The MK50 celebrations begin with a major free exhibition this month that tells the story of the UK’s most successful new city.

The exhibition runs from January 10 to 23 at Middleton Hall in The Centre:MK and showcases everything Milton Keynes.


From dinosaur bones to driverless cars, Stone Age nomads to the digital generation, farms, sleepy villages and Victorian railway towns to a vibrant regional economic and cultural powerhouse of 260,000 people, it’s all covered.

You can follow the information and data trail and learn how Milton Keynes was born and built.

You can also see what was here before, what is here now, and what is to come.

See archive images, period videos and those famous TV adverts as well as a unique collection of original architectural models of iconic city landmarks.


Read the words and hear the voices of those who conceived and constructed Milton Keynes, the first residents and those who came after them.

You can also leave your own stories and thoughts on the Memory Wall or be interviewed for posterity (January 12).

Build a house, play on the MK50 game mat, enter the quiz and win prizes.

Don’t miss the Aston Martin Vantage, Lutz Pathfinder self-driving pod, the Festive Road Triceratops and the Stadium:MK visitor’s book signed by Her Majesty The Queen herself.


Log on to http://www.mk50.co.uk for more information.

Exhibition photos by Gill Prince

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