‘I miss the friendliness of MK’

JD’s Thoughts column, by Mail Online reporter Jessica Duncan.

I have always wanted to work in London and experience the hustle and bustle of the capital.

This desire was heightened when all of my friends headed for The Big Smoke after university whilst I went back to MK.

Don’t get me wrong, I returned to my home city for the job I had always wanted, as a local newspaper reporter, but my friends seemed to be living it up, sharing pads together while I moved home with my mum.

So finally when an opportunity arose at the Mail Online I was looking forward to working in the UK’s answer to The Big Apple.

At first I felt really important getting the Tube during rush hour, and the lunch canteen and free gym were great perks, but the novelty of commuting soon wore off.

The early mornings and late evenings does take its toll and it is fair to say most people working in London have an average of five hours sleep.


I quickly missed the friendliness of people in Milton Keynes. You can’t walk down Kensington High Street and smile at people without them thinking you are a bit weird.

London certainly never sleeps and that can come in handy when you fancy a really great night out or want to try something new, with millions of restaurants and shops and hobbies you probably have never heard of.

But Milton Keynes has more perks than you think, it is my mini London, with all the best bits.

First of all, you don’t have to mind-read the other drivers on the road, as even though we have grid roads, drivers in Milton Keynes at least know how to use their indicators. And your hard-earned money certainly goes further.

London is a great place to work, especially to experience it when you are young, but I’ll never again take for granted what a special place Milton Keynes is.

You can follow Jessica on Twitter at @jessica_duncan2

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