Five family-friendly new year’s resolutions for a fabulous 2017

Mummy Matters column.

2017 is here and it’s the perfect chance for a fresh start. MK mum Alicia Babaee, who has a two-year-old son called Henry, offers five fabulous new year’s resolutions for the whole family.


1. Fill a happiness jar

Every day this year, each family member should write down something that made them happy or thankful and pop it in a jar. On 31st December, open the jar together and remember all the wonderful things that happened.

2. Do some good deeds

Involve the whole family in carrying out regular good deeds that have a positive impact on others. Whether it’s donating warm clothes to the homeless, sending old toys to the charity shop, volunteering, giving blood or simply opening doors for people, it’s a great feeling to consider others’ needs.

3. Take more pictures

Most parents are pretty snap happy when it comes to taking photos of their children – but this year, make it your mission for mum and dad to feature in more of the photographs. They’re the snaps your kids will cherish most in the future!

4. Save your pennies

Create a shared family money box, and agree that you’ll all contribute throughout the year. Decide on whether you’re adding pennies, pounds or loose change, and start saving together. At the end of the year, count up your coins and agree on a family activity to spend the money on.

5. Create a wishing tree

At the start of this year, ask the whole family to write down their wishes for themselves, each other or the world, on pretty gift tags that you either purchase or make yourselves. Fill a vase with beautiful twigs and hang the gift tags on them. It’s a nice, gentle way to introduce young children to the concept of resolutions, goals and aspirations.


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