I bet that Yule look good on the dancefloor

Becky B, resident DJ at Missoula in The Hub, picks her top five festive floorfillers to get you rockin’ around the tree this year…


1) All I Want For Christmas is You, Mariah Carey


There could only be one choice for the top spot.

It’s the song that I get the most requests to play every single year, and when I do, not one bottom in the venue remains sat on a seat.

Sometimes there’s screaming, even. Mariah’s feelgood festive track is the perfect song to get you up and rockin’ around the Christmas tree every year!

2) Merry Christmas Everybody, Slade

Who doesn’t know the opening line to this song?

Everyone enjoys a good rocky anthem, and for one with real festive cheer, there’s no better go-to than Slade’s seemingly timeless hit.

In case you’ve forgotten… IT’S CHRIIIIISTMAAAAS!

3) Fairytale of New York, The Pogues Feat. Kirsty MacColl

Let’s face it… we all love a drunken singalong, and when we’ve got a little too carried away with the eggnog, there’s only really one song to do it justice.

Of course, we try and nail both parts. And we sing the insults that little bit too loud, just to make sure the neighbours can enjoy it too.

4) Step Into Christmas, Elton John

Many people forget that Elton did a Christmas song, and there’s no doubt that this cheerful tune is an absolute cracker.

Best served with Buck’s Fizz to truly get into the holiday spirit.

5) Last Christmas, Wham

Straight in at number 5, this Christmas crooner is one of my all-time favourites.

Surprisingly, it only made it to number 2 in the UK charts when it was first released back in 1984. I think George Michael was robbed!


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