Water way for Milton Keynes dad to save the environment

There isn’t much that we’re better at than the Swedish.

Their public transport is more efficient, their banks are better, they live longer and they’re better looking than us.

Heck, we rarely even beat them in the football. So it should come as little surprise that they have raced light-years ahead of us when it comes to washing their clothes too. Until now.

Milton Keynes businessman Mark Higson (pictured) has launched a pioneering company called Smart Water Filters Limited, which brings revolutionary eco-friendly Swedish technology to our shores.

Inspired by a road trip to visit friends in Sweden, Mark’s new company provides DIRO systems that filter out all of the chemicals and grime from the water going into our washing machines.

The incredible part is that the filtered water is so ultra-pure that it cleans your clothes without the need for detergents or fabric softeners, making a huge difference to people who suffer from asthma, skin conditions or allergies.

The system, developed by Mark’s friend Per Hansson at SWATAB in Sweden, has already won the Malmo Cleantech City Award 2016.

Mark said: “We are primarily commercial systems for care homes, launderettes and hotels but can install bespoke residential systems. I’m so confident with the systems that the first one was installed in my mum’s house (pictured below) and she has used it for over 12,000 litres of washing without using detergents. She loves it!

“You don’t need to go out and buy detergents, conditioners, limescale remover or anything like that any more.

“The ultra-clean water has got nothing in it so it helps people with asthma and allergies. “It also makes your washing machine and clothes last longer too, as tests in Sweden have shown, because there is no limescale or chemical residue in the water.

“But it’s going to take a huge change in mindset for people in the UK to realise that they don’t need to use chemicals any more to clean their clothes. We’re a long way behind Sweden in that respect – being environmentally friendly is part and parcel of everything they do.”


Mark’s water filtration systems come with a maintenance agreement to ensure a stress-free transition for customers, which is also good news for MK tradespeople.

“Customers can have a three or five year fully maintained, warranted contract so we come and change the filters as and when it is required,” explained Mark.

“We will maintain the system and the great thing about that is that we will be using local maintenance companies and local plumbing professionals to do the work.”

The married dad-of-one has been a successful local businessman for a number of years, but this venture means so much more to him on a personal level.

Mark said: “I’m concentrating all my time on this now because I’m so passionate about it – more passionate than anything I’ve done before.

“Now I’m a father I’ve started looking at things differently in life. This is about not using chemicals, it’s environmentally friendly, it helps people with allergies and reduces our carbon footprint.”

If you are interested in buying or renting a DIRO water filtration system, call 07468 521182 or log onto http://www.smart-water-filters.com


This article is from the December 2016 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full digital edition here. You can subscribe for free to receive the digital magazine first each month by emailing the word ‘Subscribe’ to jon@celebratemk.co.uk

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