Ex OneMK reporter Jessica Duncan explains why Milton Keynes will always be home after landing her dream job at the Mail Online

JD’s Thoughts column

Born and bred in Milton Keynes, I never expected I would return after university, but it was only when I worked in our incredible city – and yes I do see it as a city – that I truly realised what an amazing place it is.

I started at MK News in 2010, which went on to become OneMK, and I quickly learned that there were some great people wanting to promote Milton Keynes. Yes, we do have a lot of roundabouts, and I am still not sure why we have concrete cows (that aren’t made from concrete), but we should also be remembered for the area’s incredible history, its diverse communities and the biggest thing I learnt about Milton Keynes – our support for one another.


No matter what, when someone needed help to raise money for life-saving health treatment, when extreme weather had damaged people’s homes, or even when a family had lost a loved one, the people of Milton Keynes would always come together to support the cause.

People often ask me why newspapers write so much about death and crime, and unfortunately the answer is because we read it.

But in Milton Keynes, our readers would always share the positive stories too, showing their support for both the community and the growth of our amazing city. Now wherever I go and whatever I do, I am proud to tell people how Milton Keynes is so much more than cows and roundabouts.


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