New multimedia magazine Celebrate:MK aims to fill the void after closure of Milton Keynes newspaper

A new multimedia magazine for Milton Keynes is set to launch next month – aiming to help fill the void created by the closure of one of the city’s newspapers.

The first issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine will be published on December 1 in print, digital and online formats, supported by a dynamic social media presence.

Celebrate:MK’s brand strapline is ‘Because Milton Keynes is worth celebrating’ and it promises to be a positive, vibrant, free monthly magazine that celebrates the successes of local people and businesses in the city.

Editor Jon Boyle, who is a former MK Citizen reporter, MK College teacher and UCMK journalism lecturer, believes it can help plug the gap after the closure of OneMK in October.

He said: “Milton Keynes is such an amazing place to live, work and bring up a family that there are endless success stories of local people and businesses that need to be told.

“It seems crazy that somewhere the size of Milton Keynes now only has one local newspaper but the closure of OneMK should provide a wake-up call to everyone in the media.

“89% of people now consume news on mobile devices, which has contributed to the decline of many print publications in recent years.

“Fresh thinking is now needed from publishers and advertisers alike, and Celebrate:MK will strive to lead the way locally with its multimedia approach.

“Every one of our articles will be published by at least five Celebrate:MK platforms – our print magazine, digital magazine, official website, Facebook page and our Twitter account, plus our Instagram account too for photo-based stories.

“Our digital magazine and website have also been specifically designed to be mobile and tablet friendly because the best way is not just one way – it is the multimedia way.”


High-quality, glossy copies of Celebrate:MK magazine will be distributed every month to all the key locations in Milton Keynes including health clubs, doctors’ surgeries, schools, colleges, universities, barbers, hairdressers, cafes, restaurants and more.

The digital version will initially be emailed to more than 30,000 MK email addresses, which will grow as people sign up to the free digital subscription service.

Jon, who possesses a CIPR-accredited Masters in public relations, is also keen to help local businesses grow their brand through advertising with Celebrate:MK.

Speaking directly to business owners, he said: “Celebrate:MK is a vibrant, positive, multimedia lifestyle magazine with a modern approach and, as such, we can offer advertisers far more than just a simple advert in a print publication.

“We want to get to know you and your business, to promote and enhance your brand through the use of public relations storytelling, which experts say is at least three times more effective than traditional advertising.

“Combined with modern multimedia marketing and PR methods, we can connect you to new customers through positive and engaging stories about your business, supported by your adverts.

“You will be also be granted permission to republish all of your Celebrate:MK content on your own business website, marketing materials and on your social media channels to spread your positive coverage far and wide.”

The first issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine will feature interviews with Karl and Ann Robinson about their family plans for life after MK Dons, Stacey Solomon and Samantha Womack on their forthcoming panto appearances at MK Theatre, plus much more.

Log onto for more information, or email To subscribe to the digital magazine for free, email Jon with the word ‘Subscribe’ in the subject box.









  1. Might be our lucky day… The Milton Keynes Christmas Day Party for the Elderly advertised in the local paper for guests – we have places (and are normally full) for 130 elderly people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day. We are a small group of volunteers – we have not staff – we charge no money.

    We have amazing entertainment, we do the full Christmas Day – starting at about 9 and finishing about 5pm – mince pies, mulled wine, full Christmas Dinner (and PUD) and quizzes, games, music (oh and a free bar!)

    We have volunteers, we may still need a few drivers (oh forgot – we pick up and deliver – wheelchairs not a problem!)

    BUT MOST OF ALL WE NEED GUESTS – if you can help, send me an email address and I will send you the advert we normally use – and have for the last 15 years!!!

    If you can’t, good luck wth your new venture.

    PS HAPPY TO PAY A MODEST AMOUNT!! xxxx Just want to get to the guests…. a number of whom it will be their last Xmas (we lose about 20% a year)…


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