Your advertising and PR options

Celebrate:MK is a vibrant, positive, multimedia lifestyle magazine like no other in Milton Keynes and, as such, we can offer you far more than just a simple advert in the print publication.

We want to get to know you and your business, to promote and enhance your brand through the use of public relations storytelling, which experts say is at least three times more effective than traditional advertising.

Combined with modern marketing and PR methods, we can connect you to new customers through positive and engaging stories about your business.

The best way to reach your audience is not just through print – it is the multimedia way.

New studies have revealed that 89% of people now consume news and information on mobile devices, which has contributed to the decline of many print publications in recent years.

Fresh thinking is now needed from publishers and advertisers, and Celebrate:MK is leading the way locally.

As such, your articles will be published in the print, digital and online versions of Celebrate:MK, shared on our social media channels, and you will be granted permission to republish the content on your business website, marketing materials and on your own social media channels.

Our digital magazine and website have been specifically designed to be mobile and tablet friendly to meet the requirements of our modern audience.

And you can be safe in the knowledge that your company’s messages will be shared far and wide in an engaging manner, in the right tone of voice, by our professional team.

High-quality, glossy copies of the print version of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine will be distributed every month to all the key locations in Milton Keynes including health clubs, doctors’ surgeries, schools, colleges, universities, barbers, hairdressers, cafes, shops, restaurants and more, targeting the ABC1 audience.

Our digital version will be emailed to more than 30,000 Milton Keynes email addresses, which will grow further as people continue to sign up to our free digital subscription service.

Email or call 07928 027444 for a quote, or to request an advertising pack, with prices starting from as little as £90 for a quarter-page colour advert.

We look forward to working with you.

Your Celebrate:MK advertising and PR options

Traditional advert: Send us your full page advertisement to print in the print and digital versions of Celebrate:MK magazine. You can choose to go for a half page, or quarter page advert instead if that takes your fancy. We can design your advert for you if you don’t mind paying a bit extra for our designer’s time.

Multimedia full page story: Experts say that PR is at least three times more effective than traditional advertising, so tell our reporter all about your business’s latest success stories and they will help to select the best news angle for an article to wow our readers. They will interview you and write up the story for you to check before publication. It will be published in the print, digital and online versions of Celebrate:MK, and shared on our social media channels.

Multimedia double page feature: There is nothing more gratifying for an editor than designing a lavish double page feature to dazzle our readers – and your business could be the main act in the limelight. You will get the same personal treatment from our journalist as you would for a single page story, but you’ll be allocated more words, more pictures and both pages are exclusively yours. It will also be published in the print, digital and online versions of Celebrate:MK, and shared on our social media channels.

Multimedia combination deals: As we are keen on working with you to obtain maximum publicity for your brand, we are happy to offer discounts if you wish to combine an advert in Celebrate:MK magazine with a multimedia story or double page feature article to be published across all our print, digital, online and social media channels. Call us on 07928 027444 or email for a quote.

Click on the link below to view the current Celebrate:MK advertising & PR price list…

Advertising and PR price list (valid until Boxing Day, 2016)


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