Storytelling is the key to successful marketing

The advertising world is changing. And if you aren’t willing to roll with the times, you will quickly find your business left behind.

Hard-selling a brand used to be the most effective way to communicate a business’s messages to consumers.

Tell the audience the same thing three times and they will get it, is one example of a tired old theory that should be consigned to the history books.

Now, consumers living in this digital age are bombarded with so much advertising material from brands that they have adapted to switch themselves off from all the unnecessary noise.

But there is a way to cut through the noise and reach them… through storytelling.

New academic research from the likes of Ahmad (2015) and Wu (2016) reveals that storytelling leads to strong brand health, increased purchases and recommendations, and positive emotional engagement.

It can even positively change deeply entrenched perceptions of a brand.

Just look at the success of the John Lewis Christmas adverts, which tell engaging stories rather than giving products the hard-sell.

So trust us to fulfil your content marketing needs by telling your brand’s stories in Celebrate:MK. Email to discuss your requirements.

Click on the link below to view our current advertising and PR price list…

Advertising and PR price list (valid until Boxing Day, 2016)


But how will I know it has worked?

One of the most frequently asked questions by business owners when they pay for
public relations services is ‘how will I know it has worked?’

And rightly so. There is no point in throwing your hard-earned money into a black hole and just hoping for the best, with no way of measuring the success of your investment.

That’s why we at Celebrate:MK are happy to work with our advertisers to provide you with ways to measure your success.

One way we can help is by publishing an offer voucher that customers can redeem by
photographing it to show you at your place of business, to prove that people really have seen the coverage you have paid for.

We keep track of our website and social media analytics too, and we are more than happy to provide you with the figures relating to your coverage.

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